Voda kills bill shock, also offers unlimited data for first 2 months

28 July 2014

Vodafone has drastically shaken up its plan model in three big ways. The first is automatic data add-ons to eliminated bill shock, the second is a two month carte blanche period with unlimited data, and the third is new data allowances for its popular Red Plans.

‘Yes’… Vodafone?

In a move that can only be described as necessary, Vodafone has taken a leaf out of Optus’ book and done away with data overage fees for its plans. With identical pricing to its inspiration, hence forth going over your data allowance will simply incur a $10 charge for an extra 1GB of data. There are no limits to the number of add-ons you can get, so long as you can afford to keep paying $10 per GB.

At the end of the month your plan reverts back to its base plan, meaning your payments much more closely mirror what you use.

2 months of unlimited data

The first two months of your new plan offer unlimited data. The idea here is for you to use your phone however you wish to get a good idea of just exactly how much data you need. At the end of this period you will be contacted by Vodafone, given information about your usage, and advised as to what kind of plan you should go with.

This is an Australian first and, we have to say, a brilliant idea. Of course, there will be more than a few people that will go absolutely nuts and abuse the system to the best of their abilities, but that’s fine too. If you think two months of going to town on unlimited 4G is worth not getting the best plan for you across the next 22 months then that’s your choice.

Those who toe the line, however, will be able to stream, browse and upload for the life of their plan safe in the knowledge that they have chosen a cap based on their ideal usage patterns and not by how much they figure they might need, probably.

Update: Vodafone have extended the unlimited data offer until the 9th of September (2014)

More data the rest of the time, too

The Vodafone Red plans have been shaken up a bit to include more data, although pricing has changed a bit. The $65 plan is now $70 per month, but includes 3GB of data instead of 1.5GB. The rest of the plans go up incrementally at $10 per 1GB.

As an added incentive, All Red Plans now include 300 minutes of free overseas calls and infinite texts/MMS to anywhere in the world. Standard Australian calls are also unlimited.

Of course, the pricing difference between the Red Plans coupled with their identical calls & text offerings begs the question: why would you ever go for anything but the $70 plan? If you only use 3GB in a month then you can pay $70. As you use more and more data you pay $10 per month per GB, eventually equalling the $100 for 6GB of the most expensive plan.

The only reason we can think of is so that you can set up an automatic bank transfer every month for the same amount and never have to think about your usage. Which, to be fair, is a pretty good reason if you’re sure you’ll reliably use 3GB or more.

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